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There is an old saying that states “mother knows best” and that is what we have based our company on. No one knows your baby’s needs more than you, and here at Cuddle Bear Bottoms, we provide the tools you need to give your baby the best care possible.

As a mom myself, I know the struggle of wanting to provide the best for my baby and the confusion that comes along with having too many choices. At Cuddle Bear Bottoms, we remove some of that confusion by only selling mother-approved items. Not only are the items we select functional and fashionable but safe for your family. Our ultimate goal is to make moms smile and babies happy.

Owner and Mom Cassandra Lerro with Son Jason

Sandy's Picks

No Baby Left Unchanged

At Cuddle Bear Bottoms we feel every baby deserves to be clean and comfortable and it’s important that no struggling parent should ever have to decide between diapers or necessities when it comes to the wellbeing of their baby. Due to the high cost of diapers, some parents feel the need to ration the use of baby diapers which can result in health problems from infrequent changes. Local diaper banks can provide fantastic resources for parents in need, not only do they offer free diapers but they also provide education.

With the implementation of “No Baby Left Unchanged”, Cuddle Bear Bottoms pledges to donate 1 complete diaper to our local diaper bank "The Cloth Option" for every 20 diapers purchased. We offer the option for you to select a diaper of your choice for donating to the program.

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