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About Us

Our goal is to provide fashionable, functional, and affordable cloth products.

Meet the Family
Jonathan, Sandy, Jalissa, Jayden, and Jason

Cuddle Bear Bottoms is a family owned and operated cloth diaper store. Owners Jonathan and Sandy created the company with the vision of sharing the benefits of natural parenting with the world through their knowledge and experiences. Cloth diapers have substantially improved the lives of our family throughout the steps of this fascinating journey of parenting three beautiful children; not only have cloth diapers helped our babies avoid those unpleasant diaper rashes, but they also helped to bear the cost of raising three little ones. Our goal is to provide fashionable, functional, and affordable cloth products.Everything we offer on our website, we would use in our home. With the use of our “blog” and our “how to” section, we hope to guide and answer questions for new parents, expectant moms, and those people who are curious. We are not just a company trying to sell our inventory but we are also sharing our knowledge and experiences. We are proudly located in Central New Jersey and feature several products and accessories that are made locally. Cuddle Bear Bottoms was created with the customer in mind; we offer competitive prices and a large selection of the latest styles and prints of cloth diapers and accessories while maintaining outstanding customer service. We are committed to offer high quality, chemical-free products that promote healthy families, healthy communities, and a green planet. This new and exciting venture will allow Sandy to continue being a stay at home mom and precede with homeschooling our children: Jalissa, Jayden, and Jason.

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