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Baltic Amber, What Is It And Does It Work?

Baltic Amber, What Is It And Does It Work?

Let me start by saying I am not a doctor, nor do I claim that Baltic Amber will be a magic cure to everything, but I will give you some background, facts, and my personal experience with Baltic amber.

What is Baltic Amber?

Baltic Amber is an organic substance that formed over 45 million years ago. It is a fossil resin produced by pine trees that grew in Northern Europe (Lithuania). Baltic Amber ranges in colors from light yellow to a dark brown color. It can contain water bubbles, gas bubbles, twigs, seeds, or even insects encased in the amber. From a chemical point of view, amber consists of 79% carbon, 10.5% hydrogen, and 10.5% oxygen. Studies that are done with a mass spectrometer show that amber contains over 40 different compounds as well as Succinic Acids, additives of salt of potassium, sodium and iron.

How does it works?

While wearing Baltic Amber the heat from your skin warms up the amber beads releasing small amounts of its healing oils, it is then absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream. The succinic acid in Baltic Amber is known to be a natural analgesic (pain reliever), anti-inflammatory, it can accelerate the healing of wounds, and help with relaxation. Baltic Amber is NOT meant to be placed in the mouth to relive teething symptoms, but it should rather be worn so the oil can be absorbed into the skin. You may not notice immediate relief of your symptoms since the oil needs to build up in your system. Also, every person reacts differently and may not experience complete relief of their symptoms while wearing Baltic Amber.

Is a necklace safe for my baby to wear?

There are a few safety measures taken to make the amber necklaces safe for a baby or child to wear. Each bead is knotted to prevent all the beads from coming loose in the event of the necklace breaking. Another safety measure is that the necklaces have a plastic screw closure that would break apart if it is pulled. This closure is not as easily broken as a pop clasp is, so there is less of a likelihood that the necklace will be lost. It is still important that proper safety precautions are used when your child is wearing an amber necklace.

How to care for your Baltic Amber and how long will it last?

Caring for Baltic Amber is very easy; it just needs to be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth then air dried. If you choose, you can place it in the sun after cleaning and it will give a boost to the oils being released. With proper care, the Baltic Amber beads will last forever but the string and clasp may need replacing after time. Since the beads are a softer texture, they may become damaged if placed or struck with harder materials; it is recommended to not wear with metal necklaces or to put a metal pendant on your Baltic Amber necklace.

My personal experience with Baltic Amber

I got my first amber necklace while pregnant with my middle son, it was intended for him once he was born but since I had it, I chose to wear it on my ankle. I wore it all through pregnancy and never had any of the common pregnancy related aches and pains. Also, my back pain that I had since the birth of my older child was no longer a problem. When I went into L&D after my water broke, the delivery nurse hooked me up to the monitor and to my surprise, I was having contractions every 5-6 minutes. They were not extremely strong contractions, but they were strong enough that I should have felt them, but I didn’t. I did feel contractions as I progressed in my labor, they were not horrible until I was ready to push. After my son was born, I chose to give him his necklace and purchase my own. I felt the need of acquiring my own necklace since my back-pain suddenly reappeared during the time that I wasn’t wearing the amber.  I had been living with this pain since I had my daughter 2 years prior. To my surprise, the amber has helped so much, and my back pain is nonexistent when I have my amber necklace on. I know most people are interested in Baltic Amber necklaces for their teething babies; here is what I experienced with my boys. Both of my boys wore their necklaces since birth but as a mom I knew instantly when they were teething. When they started teething and had their amber necklaces on, they had a reduced amount of drooling and needed less over the counter medication to help with pain and swelling associated with teething. Many don’t believe me and often question how I could possibly know the boys’ true health benefits from the Baltic Amber since they wore them from day one. The story I always tell happened during the summer months when the entire family spent a good amount of time in the pool and on the beach. We always took our necklaces off to go to the beach and pool. During this time, I always noticed that my boys were crankier and cried more.

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Safety precautions

  • Do NOT let babies or children sleep in amber (or any) necklaces. Amber necklaces should be

removed from neck while sleeping but you may wrap it around your child’s ankle under socks or


  • Babies and children should always be supervised while wearing any necklace including amber


  • Always let caregivers know that your child is wearing an amber necklace so that they can be the

judge if they feel it is best to remove it when in their care.

  • Amber necklaces are NOT meant to be chewed on and will break if bitten.

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