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Cloth Diapers: A Growing Trend in New Jersey (and America)

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These are phrases today’s New Jersey moms use to describe cloth diapers. Also, convenient, easy-to-use, fashion-forward and phthalate-free—it’s clear we aren’t talking about the cloth diapers of our grandmas’ generation. The use of cloth baby diapers has seen a significant resurgence as many NJ parents have made an effort to reduce their carbon footprint while protecting their children from the potentially harmful chemicals used in many disposable diapers. At the same time, designers have brought cloth diapers into the modern age by creating stylish reusable diapers that don’t require the use of safety pins or an advanced degree in complex folding methods. For many NJ parents, the convergence of safety, convenience and functionality has allowed them to integrate natural parenting into their child-rearing philosophies. As the use of environmentally friendly diapers continues to grow in NJ and across the United States, parents in towns like Princeton, Bedminster, Summit, Westfield, Bridgewater, Hoboken and Jersey City are eager to learn about the many benefits of cloth diapers.

Top Five Reasons NJ Parents Love Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diaper Stores benefits babies, parents and the environment have boosted the popularity of cloth diapers among New Jersey moms and dads:

  • Cloth diapers can save you a lot of money. The average baby requires about six diaper changes per day. That would amount to 11,000 disposable diapers over the first two years of your child’s life, and those 50 boxes of 218-count Huggies would cost almost $2,170 over those first two years. By contrast, choosing cloth diapers requires only a one-time purchase of about 25 adjustable-size cloth diapers at an average cost of $11 each ($275), a diaper sprayer ($30), and, if the cloth diapers you choose require them, 25 reusable diaper liners at $3 each ($75). That’s a total cost of $380, or only $190 per year—a savings of $1,790 over the first two years of your child’s life! Plus, cloth diapers can be reused on your future children for even greater cost savings.
  • Cloth diapers may be better for your baby’s skin and overall health. Cloth diapers are made of materials that are softer, more breathable, and less chemically loaded than their disposable counterparts, making cloth diapers the better choice for preventing diaper rash and a host of other potential health issues. Disposable diapers contain substances that you may not want nestling against your baby’s skin for the better part of two years. Chemicals such as sodium polyacrylate, phthalates, tributyltin and dioxin are typically used in the production of disposable diapers and have been linked to things like endocrine disruption, skin irritation, developmental and reproductive issues, and even cancer.
  • Cloth diapers reduce landfill waste and conserve natural resources. Remember the 11,000 disposable diapers we discussed? They require 200,000 trees and 3.4 billion gallons of fuel to manufacture, they all wind up as landfill, and each one takes an estimated 250 to 500 years to break down. It’s estimated that a staggering 27.4 billion disposable diapers collect in landfills each year in the US. Conversely, the manufacturing of cloth diapers uses 20 times fewer raw materials and cloth diapers generate 60 times less solid waste than disposables. And, after being reused many times, a natural cloth diaper takes only five months to break down or can be used as compost.
  • Cloth diapers are super cute and easy-to-use. Modern cloth diapers are available in a fresh array of colors, patterns, and styles, are leak-resistant, and use snaps, not pins, for a safe, secure fit. NJ parents also love the ease of cleaning cloth diapers in the washing machine.
  • Cloth diapers may encourage your child to potty train at an earlier age. Unlike disposables, cloth diapers don’t use ultra-absorbent polymer beads to absorb wetness—so, while they do a good job keeping your little one comfortable, they don’t eliminate baby’s awareness that they need a diaper change. That’s a plus when it comes to encouraging your child to potty train.

Cuddle Bear Bottoms: NJ’s #1 Diaper Store (and soon to be America’s) for the Best Cloth Diapers and Accessories

New Jersey parents depend on Cuddle Bear Bottoms as their source for natural and affordable cloth diapers. Parents in Edison, Montgomery, Somerville, Warren and Livingston have been raving about Cuddle Bear Bottoms, the online baby store created for moms that sells only mother-approved items. Owner and mom Cassandra Lerro shares her passion for natural parenting by giving parents access to the most fashionable, functional and affordable cloth products. Cuddle Bear Bottom products include a variety of cloth diapers and accessories in an array of colors, patterns, materials, and styles. To support the community, Cuddle Bear Bottoms began the “No Baby Left Unchanged” program through which they pledge to donate one complete diaper of your choice to local diaper banks for every 20 diapers purchased.

Diaper Your Baby in Style!

Parents in towns throughout New Jersey, from Flemington to Parsippany, Berkeley Heights to Morristown, and Hillsborough to Chester are raving about Cuddle Bear Bottoms. Join the community of environmentally conscious parents who are enjoying the safety, convenience and functionality of modern cloth diapers. Your baby will look and feel their best!


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