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Processing and Shipping FAQs

When will my order ship? Why hasn’t my order shipped? How long does it take for an order to ship?
We process orders within 24-48 hours (Monday-Saturday excluding holidays and snow days) and shipping confirmations typically get sent in the afternoon. For more information on our shipping times please refer to our shipping policy or “Contact Us.”

How does free local pick-up work? Where is local pick-up?
Free local pick-up is located in Raritan New Jersey. Pick-up orders need to be submitted to us in Email ( After we receive your emailed order we will arrange pick-up at a convenient time for both included parties. Credit card and PayPal payments are due prior to you coming to pick up your merchandise. Cash is due at pick-up. If for some reason you are unable to pick-up at the agreed upon time please let us know by phone or email as soon as possible.

My tracking number isn’t working?
A tracking number is generated as soon as we print your shipping label but may take 24-48 hours for it to show up in the system. Please be patient and know that it will update soon.

Do you ship to Canada? Hawaii? Alaska? International locations?
Our free shipping on orders over $30 applies to standard shipping within the U.S and to military families with an APO or FPO. Shipping to AK and HI are shipped Priority mail and shipping charges will be applied. For shipping to Canada and other International locations we are happy to ship to you but shipping fees will be slightly

Product and Stocking FAQs

When will products stock?
We receive regular orders from our manufacturers. Most products will stock every 1-2 months; while others may stock more or less frequently depending on availability and popularity. Please note that some products are limited edition or seasonal and may not restock. Do you carry every brand? We carry many different brands and styles of diapers but we do not carry every brand/style of diaper that is on market. We try to carry the most popular diapers that my family is familiar with. Feel free to make a product recommendation and shoot us an email.

Coupon Policy

How your coupons codes work?
It’s very simple, just shop for the items that you want. Once you have the items in your cart, add the coupon code to your order in the appropriate box. The coupon code will then be reflected on your order. Please read the fine print on the coupons because there are a few restrictions.

How often do you put up new coupon codes?
We will release coupon codes regularly but not on any set schedule. Be sure you’re on our Mailing List and follow us on Social Media for updates.

General Cloth Diaper & Product Care Questions

How many diapers do I need?
We think a stash of 20-30 cloth diapers is great but you can have more or less depending on your specific budget and lifestyle. We personally have around 30 diapers and wash 2 times a week.

What does XYZ mean?
We know some of the terms and abbreviations can be confusing. We have a blog post all about abbreviations and terms.

How do I prep my new diapers?
Congratulations, you have your new diapers and are ready to use them. Most diapers don’t need prepping but only a quick wash first. Read over the directions that may be on the tag or packaging from the manufacturer first. Some manufactures do not include this information on their products; please visit our blog for our prepping recommendations.

How do I wash my diapers?
Please refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations on their tags and packaging. For our general recommendation please visit the ABC’s of cloth diapers or our blog for my exact wash routine.

What detergent do I need to use?
Please refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations on their tags and packaging. My recommendation is a mainstream detergent similar to tide or gain powders but there are many other good detergents options.

Can I bleach my diapers?
Please refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations on their tags and packaging. For the most part bleaching isn’t necessary but does not hurt the diapers in most cases. My diapers are leaking or my diapers stink! There are many reasons why your diapers may be leaking or stinking. We’ve summarized the most common reasons for both in the ABC’s of cloth diapering.

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