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No Baby Left Unchanged

Cuddle Bear Bottoms Pledges To Donate 1 Complete Cloth Diaper to The Cloth Option  Diaper Bank for Every 20 Diapers Purchased.

Together We Can Make A Difference!

Cuddle Bear Bottoms believes that no baby should go without access to clean, safety-compliant diapers, and no family should have to choose between paying for food and utilities or diapering their beloved baby. Cloth diapers can eliminate the need of buying expensive disposable diapers for families who have access to washing facilities. This is why Cuddle Bear bottoms feels “no baby left unchanged” is an important addition to our community.

Through “no baby left unchanged” we pledge to donate one complete cloth diaper to our local “The Cloth Option” Diaper Bank for every 20 diapers purchased. The 20 diaper minimum does not need to be in one purchase or limited to one customer. All diaper transactions on the site will contribute to reach our goal and increase our donations. Diapers will be held to donate until we have a minimum of 20 diapers. To keep track of how many diapers we have donated follow us on social media.

Cuddle Bear Bottoms does not accept used diaper donations but if you would like to personally donate a new diaper from our stock please contact us and we will gladly incorporate your donation with ours.

About Cloth Diaper Banks

Cloth diaper banks are intended to help families in temporary or long term financial struggles with diapering their babies. One out of three families in the United States are faced with the hardships of diapering their babies; cloth diaper banks promote a sustainable alternative to single-use diapers for families struggling to afford basic needs for their child. Cloth diaper banks provide free cloth diaper loans for eligible families. Once the diapers are no longer needed, they are returned to their local chapter to be sanitized, and given to other families. Cloth diaper banks also provide the education and support needed to make cloth diapering a success.

Many cloth diaper banks will also provide disposable diapers for families unable to incorporate cloth diapers into their lifestyle or in times of emergency relief after natural disasters.

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