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Nighttime Cloth Diapers

Sleeping Baby

Have you ever been woken up by a screaming baby to only to learn that their diaper was soaked and leaking? Now the baby and bed sheets need changing before you can go back to sleep.  Do you constantly find yourself waking up every 2-3 hours at night to change your baby? This seems to be the most common time when families experience leaking diapers whether in cloth or disposable.  For me, once I’m fully awake in the middle of the night, it’s almost impossible for me to get any additional sleep after that. This is why finding the best nighttime diaper solution was very important to me, but at the same time, it seemed very intimidating. Here are some of the best nighttime solutions I discovered and some things that worked or didn’t work for me.

Extra stuffing your diaper is typically the first option parents try when experiencing leaky nighttime diapers and it works great for most babies. This is the method I used with my son, Jayden; I would use a diaper cover or pocket diaper and wrap 2 inserts (1 bamboo and 1 hemp) in a FST or flat. This did work well on him and gave him slightly less than 12 hours of absorption with no issues even though he didn’t and still doesn’t sleep sound through the night. With my youngest, Jason, this method does not work the best since his legs are skinnier and it’s difficult to get the right leg fit on him since this method makes it very bulky. This method can also be used with any type of diaper, just make sure if using microfiber inserts, to not let them touch directly on your baby’s skin to avoid irritation.

Fitted diapers are another great option for nighttime use; they provide lots of absorption and can be waterproof when paired with a diaper cover. Fitted diapers have many layers that make them very absorbent and you can always add additional inserts to increase absorption. On the flip side, sometimes with all those added extra layers, fitted diapers can feel slightly bulkier and normally cost more than your average cloth diaper. I have personally bought and tried a few fitted diapers myself, and while I like the fact that they can offer close to 12 hours of absorption, they are not my favorite due to some of their disadvantages. Fitted diapers may appear pricey in comparison to other diapers but can provide needed nighttime absorption where other styles of diaper may lack. Fitteds also tend to be sized to your baby, so they don’t come in a “one size fits all” meaning you will need to buy multiples throughout your baby’s diapering years (it might just be me but if I’m spending $20+ on a diaper, I want it to last). Fitted diapers have the potential to be a great nighttime option; I suggest adding a stay dry layer since not all fitteds are stay dry and baby could become uncomfortable from dampness.

All In Three diapers are the best thing I have discovered in the overnight diaper department; their best attribute is their superior absorbency, combined with their fascinating slim fitting that prevents the need to size up your baby’s pajamas. These diapers feature all the extra stuffing absorption built right into the diaper. They have 12 layers of natural fiber absorbency (5 layer sewn in, 4 layer sewn on, and 3 layer snap on inserts) plus they feature a pocket to add more inserts if needed. These diapers do need prepping before the first initial use, but once these are fully prepped, AI3 diapers will provide 12 plus hours of optimum absorption. All in Three diapers are designed and created by a cloth diapering mom; being that she is an Army wife, she named her company Baby Basics, and her merchandise is only available on the market to a few retailers.  If I knew about these diapers when I first started cloth diapering, I think they would take up the majority of my diaper stash.

Fortunately for my followers, I have learned a thing or two from many trial and error experiences, I can share tips and tricks with confidence that they will help you successfully cloth diaper your loved ones at nighttime, no matter what diaper style you choose. My first suggestion to a new cloth diapering mom is to size up pajamas; regular cloth diapers make babies butts bigger, and with the added stuffed layers, their butts will be even bigger.  My second suggestion is to buy a washable waterproof crib and mattress protector; they are a life saver if and when nighttime leaks happen.  I recommend putting a mattress protector on every bed and not just the crib; they have saved our beds many times from all sorts of messes. My last tip to cloth diapering moms is to rinse your nighttime diapers out in the morning because all that overnight pee can have a strong ammonia smell. Rinsing the diaper prevents ammonia build up and keeps your diapers from stinking up the house in the warm weather.

Just like everything discussed that is baby related, what works for me might not work for you. I hope my tips and experiences can steer you in the right direction towards finding your perfect nighttime cloth solution. If you are having trouble finding what works best for your baby, please don’t hesitate to contact us and I will try to trouble shoot your nighttime routine.

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Nighttime Diaper Size Comparison All Have 12 Layers Of Absorption


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