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Why Cloth Diaper And Other Questions Answered

Why cloth diapers? I got asked this question a lot when I first started cloth diapering my son by friends and family. I also got told many times that it won’t last, I will get bored of it, and it will become too hard to manage especially when I became pregnant with my youngest. I will elaborate on these questions since I feel many other new moms can relate to the subject.

“Why cloth diapers?” It was simple for me to transition out of disposable diapers since I was sick of throwing away something that my child only wore for only 2-3 hours out of the day; many times for much less especially when my kids were newborns. I thought of it like this, it would be crazy to throw away a shirt or a pair of pants that I wore for only part of a day; then I wondered where all these dirty diapers being used end up. Unfortunately used diapers end up on landfills and I found it very surprising to find out 1 third of our landfills consist of dirty diapers. In my opinion, the price of cloth seemed to be the better option; I spent around a total of $500 for all my cloth diapers that have lasted me 4 years and 2 babies so far. Obviously this figure doesn’t include the expenses associated with washing and drying but it still a way more affordable option. You can also sell your used diapers and regain some of your startup money or donate them and help a struggling family after your baby is done with them.

“It won’t last and you will get bored.” My reply to this statement was simple, based on the answers I provided above combined with the cuteness of the diapers, and the fact that they are chemical free, helped me and my family stick with cloth. There is always going to be a new print you must have or a diaper style you desperately want to try. Sometimes on days that I truly struggled, I considered giving up but then I simply thought of the benefits of the diapers (no chemicals, better on baby’s sensitive skin, more affordable) and the excitement of getting a new diaper is always a huge plus.

“It will be hard and it’s more work.” I’m not going to lie and tell you it will be easier because sometimes it could be hard, but nothing is easy when it comes to parenting. Every decision we make as a parent on how we raise our children involves a lot of work. Yes it is slightly more work but, no more work than washing an extra load of laundry. Did you know even using disposable diapers, you’re supposed to flush the poop and not throw it away? To be honest I have considered switching to disposable on occasion but I have decided that the benefits outweigh the negatives when it comes to what’s best for my kids and my family.

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