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Cloth Diapering Terms and Abbreviations Decoded

Like all things online people don’t like typing out the whole word and each online community has their own abbreviations and terms. The cloth diaper community is no different. Here is a list of the most commonly used abbreviations and terms and what they stand for. Not all of these terms refer to cloth diapers but to the lifestyle that is or can be associated to families that cloth diaper.


AI2– all in two diaper

AIO or AI1– all in one diaper

AI3 or Supers– all in three (Super Heavy Wetter)

FST– Flour sack towel is an inexpensive but very absorbent towel that is found in many home stores. These can be used in similar ways that you would use a flat or prefold.

CD-Cloth diaper

Fluff– is another term for cloth diapers. Other similar terms are fluffy mail or any other form of fluff or fluffy. This is used because cloth diapers give babies a “fluffy” bigger butt.

OS– one sized diaper fit baby’s from approximately 7-40lbs

PUL– polyurethane laminate, the waterproof layer of the diaper

TPU– thermoplastic polyurethane-the waterproof material used in some diapers

Stash– the collection of someone’s cloth diapers

BNIP– brand new in pack (never been used, washed, or opened)

LN-like new (perfect condition, used but no sigh of use)

EUC– excellent used condition (has been used but has almost no sigh of use)

VGUC– very good used condition (has some minimal signs of use but nothing that effects function)

GUC– good used condition (has some signs of use but nothing that effects function)

UC– used condition (may have signs of use or staining, should not have anything effecting function)

NR– needs repair (could have bad staining, stretchered elastic, bad PUL, holes ect.)


Contoured– similar to a flat or prefold but are contoured to fit baby usually with elastic. They are normally not waterproof.

Snappi– is a brand of diaper fastener that is slightly stretchy plastic with little teeth used to turn a flat into a diaper (replaced the old fashioned pins)

Soaker– the absorbent layer of a diaper

Doubler– is a thin insert that increases absorbency of your diaper. It can be used in any type of diaper

Hook & Loop– means Velcro closure

Aplix– Velcro type of closure on a diaper

Lanolin/Lanolized– it is a waterproofing that is added to wool covers. Lanolin is also used while breastfeeding for dry nipples

Minky-soft outer layer that is on some diapers. It almost feels like a stuffed animal or blanket.

Sized/Perfect Fit– diapers that come in different sizes

Wicking-the act of moisture being moved from one place to another. When referring to cloth diapers it is good when moister is wicked away from babies skin fast, but bad when moisture finds a weak spot or exposed area and it leaks out.

Prepped– washed a few times to have maximum absorbency (only needed for natural fibers)


AP– attachment parenting

BF– breastfeeding (BFing)

EBF– exclusively breastfeed

Crunchy– a term referring to a natural parenting lifestyle

BM– Bowel Movement

DD– daughter

DH– husband

DS– son

LO-little one (youngest or only baby)

MIL/FIL/SIL/BIL– mother/father/sister/brother in law

PPD– postage paid domestic

SAHM/SAHD-stay at home mom/dad

WAHM/WAHD– work at home mom/dad

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