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Amazing Wetbag Uses

Wetbags are such amazing items to have even if you don’t cloth diaper. They are even great to have if you don’t babies or children. These bags come in multiple sizes and each size can replace so many different things.

The ✅ means it is a way I personally use wetbags

First up is the Mini Wetbag, this bag is exactly what it sounds like, a small bag. It measures 7×5.5 inches, has 1 pocket, and a handle. This wetbag has so many uses.

  • Cosmetics- it is perfect to keep all your cosmetics in one place and to keep anything that could leak from getting on all your other items in your purse or suitcase. ✅
  • Snacks- keep your packaged snacks all together in one place or put some loose snacks in to replace a zipper bag ✅
  • Medicine- Keep all your meds in one place and easy to find. This is were I keep my epipen and Benadryl in my purse and to make it better if I don’t want to bring my purse but think I might need it I can just carry it or put it in another bagmini we that holding medicine including an epipen and Benadryl
  • -First aid kid- A place to put all the bandaids, cut creams, cleaning towels ECT. that can be needed for any injury either at home or on the go
  • Hair things and gels- Keep all your hair needs in one place especially while on the go, and to make it even better all your gels or creams won’t spill into the rest of your bag. ✅
  • Period kits- Keep your pads, cup, tampons, ECT. all in one discrete place for easy access wherever you go. ✅
  • Baby items- A easy and great place to put bibs, spoons, teathers or extra pacifiers on the go.
  • Phone- Since these bags are water resistant they work great to keep your phone in at the beach or pool so it doesn’t get wet from other wet items in your bag. *Do not use it for your phone while in water ✅
  • Coins- These small bags are perfect to keep your coins or tokens all in one safe place in your purse. I love the handle since I can easily hold just this bag. ✅

Next are travel wetbags, these are the most popular and have the most uses. Travel wetbags are my personal go to for everything. These bags are 14×11.5 inches, most have 2 pockets and a snap closure handle.

  • Packed toiletries- These bags are about the same size as gallon zipper bags so they are perfect for packing all your toiletries for travel. They fit up to 4 full size shampoo bottles. What I do is pack 1 bag for each type of item just in case there are leaks. I do 1 bag for bath items, 1 bag for tooth care, and another for hair care. ✅
  • Beach\Pool bag- Do you hate that your dry clothes get wet of full of sand while having fun at the pool or beach? Travel wetbags are the perfect solution. The dry stuff gets packed in the main part of the bag (even the towel) and sunscreen in the outer pocket. When its time to change take the dry clothes out and put the wet in to keep the rest of your bag dry. ✅

  • Breast pump parts- Easily store your pump parts in a wetbag to keep dust and dirtiness off. I’ve even wiped off my parts after pumping and put the whole wetbag in the fridge.
  • Winter gear- Very similar to beach gear but if you love being out in the snow you can store all your damp hats, gloves, and scarves in a wetbag till you get home. *If you want use a large wetbag and put your snow pants and jacket in there too. ✅
  • Travel bag- No matter how your traveling, this works great to have all your entertainment in one place. I packed one for each of my kids last trip and filled it with an activity book, sketch book, colored pencils, fidget toys, and snacks. *Bonus points it works great for motion sickness bag too ✅
  • Sickness bag- No matter if its morning sickness or motion sickness these bags work great to catch all the mess. ✅
  • Extra clothes- Do your kids need extra clothes for school? Wetbags are my go to for this, I even used my cricut to heat their name to the bag. This also works for extra shoes ✅
  • Gym clothes- Similar to extra clothes, you can also store your smelly gym clothes in a wetbag and they block some of the smells from getting out.

Next are Large Hanging Wetbags, these are great for the large things you need to store. These bags are 18×25.75 inches, have 2 pockets and 2 straps to hang them.

  • -Kitchen laundry- If you are like my family, you must have lots of kitchen towels and rags that need washing weekly. I hand a large wetbag on a door in my kitchen to fill up and wash as needed. ✅

  • Small space laundry- If you need a laundry basket solution for small spaces these bags work perfect. You can hang one in a closet, on a door or from a hook. ✅
  • Dirty clothes while traveling- If you hate your clean and dirty clothes touching while on vacation these bags are perfect. ✅
  • Messy laundry- No matter what it is every house has that laundry, the really gross dirty laundry you don’t want touching your regular laundry. These bags are perfect for this. I keep my foster puppy crate towels from potty training in one after use and it keeps all the smell contained. ✅

Now just for the laugh, while I was researching this I found some funny uses for wetbags. Some of these might be practical but others are just for the laugh and could get you arrested or cause death.

  • S_x toys- Keep a bag by your bed to keep all your adult toys and lube. you can even have a pocket for cleans and dirtiees.
  • Bloody weapon from when you get to mad at hubby for ignoring you when you ask him 10million times to change the baby (not serious at all)😂
  • Baby\child storage or hiding because you know we can’t put them in plastic bags (again not serious at all since they can still suffocate in wetbags too) 😂



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